Social Media Community Management – Who’s Job Is It?
28 September 2018

Managing social media community engement

When companies come to us asking us to manage their social media they often have not thought through what this might mean. Especially for organisations which deal with large volumes …

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Refining your Social Media Strategy – Seeking Assistance Where you Need it.
11 September 2018

Need assistance getting the most from your social media strategy

When it comes to social media management not every company want to have an external agency manager their activities. Unlike the “Please do it for me” company the “Help us …

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Tips On Choosing A Social Media Marketing Agency
28 August 2018

Do you have an online marketing strategy?

Once an organisation has in place a communications strategy and has undertaken a social media audit it is time to decide how to manage their social media marketing going forward. …

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Social Media Audit – Assessing How you are Doing?
15 August 2018

Continually auditing social media marketing is a key element of any marketing and communications strategy.

This is a second post in a series outlining the different options available to companies who are looking to an agency to assist in their social media marketing activities. Within …

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Should Companies Outsource their Social Media Marketing?
19 July 2018

Social media marketing process map

In our view the answer is almost always no – or at least not all of it. Why? Because no one understands your brand like you do. However this does …

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Rants of a creative
8 April 2018

Episode One, Part Two: At what point is creativity or outside the box thinking supposed to be addressed? This question always pops because sometimes as designers we can either ‘play …

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Do We Hold Social Media Spends to a Higher Standard?
4 December 2017

We have often been asked by clients – “but how can you prove the impact of social media advertising?”. Not an unreasonable question.  However not a question that I find …

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