Our Clients

Current Clients

Premier Credit

Premier Credit, a microfinance company established in 2013 with over 60 branches across Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, has engaged 2020 Marketing to develop and head its regional expansion strategy, define its key communication pillars and handle their through-the-line activities across the regions.

Momentum Credit

Momentum Credit is a newly formed credit-only microfinance company that tasked 2020 Marketing with the development and implementation of the company’s brand and communication strategies, business development, creation of their marketing communication materials and online media management.


Pawa is a KPLC electricity pre-paid tokens super vendor. 2020 Marketing have been instrumental in developing their brand including working on a new logo, setting up their online presence which includes their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. We also provide marketing materials for their above-the-line campaigns. Currently, we are working with them on developing their website as well as managing the company’s online social media strategies.

Platinum Credit Limited

Platinum Credit Limited is a credit only Micro-Finance Company licensed in Kenya under the Company’s Act. 2020 Marketing have developed a 5 year strategic plan following significant external investment in Platinum Credit in January 2013.  We have now been appointed as their marketing agency handling all business development, marketing & communications activities and through the line campaigns across Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.


AFEX are providers of cost-effective solutions to remote site project support needs and offer organisations an opportunity to outsource to professionals with extensive regional experience. 2020 Marketing developed the company’s brand communication template, supporting stationery and have also worked on the management of their website build and customer service surveys. We continue to develop their communication materials such as brochures and event display materials.

Summit Recruitment and Search Ltd

Summit is an independent, fully integrated recruitment & executive search company. Whilst Summit has well established social media profiles across majority of the platforms, they required an audit of their online activities, and the impact on their website to ensure they were capitalising on this communication medium. 2020 Marketing have been retained on an ongoing basis to undertake continual monitoring of their online activities.

Naibor Camp

Naibor Camp is a luxury tented camp, a striking combination of contemporary style and comfort, in the heart of Kenya’s world famous Masai Mara Game Reserve. We have developed the company’s brand communication template and their online social media strategy. We have now been charged with managing the execution of this strategy as well as manage their online presence.

East Africa Safari Ventures

East Africa Safari Ventures is an owner-operated safari company. We have developed the companies brand communication template and their marketing strategy. We have now been charged with managing the execution of this strategy.

Past Clients

Island Camp Baringo

Island Camp Baringo is a luxury tented camp on lake Baringo. We were managing the company’s online social media strategy for Facebook and Instagram, including their social media advertising and mailers.

Kim Fay

Kim-Fay is the manufacturer and distributor of personal care products within East Africa, including the Kimberly-Clark range. We were working with them on the redesigning of their distribution model in order to improve its efficacy.

Unga Group

Unga Group Limited is a Kenyan based holding company with its investments in the business of flour milling and manufacturing of human nutrition products and animal feeds with operations in Kenya and Uganda. We were working with them on the redesigning of their trade marketing and distribution model for the FMCG business, with a key focus on expanding coverage and penetration of general trade.

Kenya Charity Sweepstake

Kenya Charity Sweepstake is the oldest lottery company in the country. We were developing and executing their marketing and communications plan including the brand’s unique positioning and core target audience. Additionally, we were aligning the company’s various product offerings to the segmented audiences, whilst defining the key communication pillars and the route to market / distribution strategy.


Dormans Kenya produce, roast and distribute Africa’s most exceptional coffee. We had been working with them to provide market research across a number of continents to support the further expansion of the business outside of their current markets.


Roche is a health-care company that operates worldwide under two divisions: Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics. 2020 Marketing was the agency of record for all marketing activity.  Our activities have included production of marketing materials e.g. conference video, e-detailers (clickable PDF), dosing cards and product information leaflets.  We have also provided advise on the development of annual product business plans.

The Hub Karen

The Hub Karen Mall is a premier shopping mall located in the beautiful leafy suburbs of Karen Nairobi. 2020 Marketing were managing the company’s online social media accounts, including their social media advertising. We also provided social media training to The Hub Karens’ employees, in Nairobi and also put in place systems and processes to enable them to manage and monitor their own social media accounts.

Warrior Insight

Warrior Insight is a specialised risk management company and independent subsidiary of Warrior Security International. 2020 Marketing provided a range of activities for the launch of this new risk management company in Kenya. Areas of focus included communication strategy, branding, logo development, website, print and merchandising.


Sankara is a contemporary five-star hotel in Westlands. 2020 Marketing developed and executed their marketing and communications plan including the brand’s unique positioning for Sankara’s local Nairobi audience. Additionally, we developed all communication materials for the Kenya resident audience and promotion of events via social media and email marketing campaigns.

Doinyo Lessos

Doinyo Lessos, a creamery based in Eldoret, had retained 2020 Marketing to undertake a complete rebranding of all of their products.  This includes development and implementation of a strategy for cheese and their other dairy products.

Pwani Oil Products Ltd

Pwani Oil is now one of the largest manufacturers of high quality edible vegetable oils and fats, laundry and toilet soaps in the African continent. 2020 Marketing provided full marketing strategy development and brand planning in the edible oil, edible fats and soaps categories.  Produced a framework for implementation of a new Route to Market Model.


KFC is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain. For KFC Kenya 2020 Marketing developed communication material that helped in internal motivation of employees in achieving sales goals.

Highlands Mineral Water Company Ltd

With a heritage of quality spanning over 60 years, Highlands produce a wide variety of products including drinking water, flavourful cordials, ready to drink juices and carbonated soft drinks. Highlands completely outsourced their marketing department to 2020 Marketing.  As a result we dealt with all elements of marketing including: consumer insights marketing strategy, brand positioning / portfolio development, communications development & execution and sales & distribution.

Proctor and Gamble

Proctor and Gamble is an American consumer goods corporation. 2020 Marketing provided market research and consumer recruitment support for laundry soaps in Nigeria and Kenya.

Acacia Studios

Acacia Studios is a yoga and fitness studio located in Nairobi, Kenya. 2020 Marketing provided social media training to the management team and put in place systems and processes to enable the studio manage and monitor their own social media accounts.

Hasbah Kenya Limited

Hasbah Kenya Ltd (HKL) is a distribution company representing leading brands from the world’s finest company in Kenya. 2020 Marketing was involved in creation of a 3 year business strategy. By facilitating guided workshops, we helped the client team work their way through various crucial issues that would affect their business in the timeline provided. We also provided guidance on goal setting to reach desired vision, both qualitatively and quantitatively.


Picazzo is a Spanish restaurant based at The Hub Karen. 2020 Marketing developed the restaurant’s brand communication template and their online social media strategy. We had also been charged with managing the execution of this strategy on Facebook.

Salama Fikira

Salama Fikira is a corporate security company and risk management contractor based in Africa. We carried out an in-depth study of their online presence to aid in developing the marketing and communication strategy to be used online.

Pesa Point

PesaPoint is a Kenyan company operating an agency network that offers (financial) service providers a reliable, secure and extensive payment distribution and acquisition channel and economically empowers agents/merchants with a sustainable and continuous growing number of payment services. As a marketing agency of record for Pesa Point Kenya, we were responsible for the development and execution of all marketing strategy and communications within the banking sector of the business.

Provantage Media Group

Provantage is one of South Africa’s foremost Out of Home Media specialist companies. Whilst Provantage handle aspects of P&G’s business in South Africa, they have no presence outside of South Africa.  2020 Marketing provided contracted support in Kenya, Nigeria and Cameroon, in the laundry soap category.

Godfrey Phillips

Based upon our in-depth knowledge of the global tobacco industry we developed a strategic plan for the international tobacco business which involved a global prioritisation exercise in terms of which markets to target and which business models to use.  We were then engaged to develop the business operating procedures and execute them in market through recruiting and managing a team of expert consultants across the globe. This involved establishing teams in the Middle East, Europe, South East Asia and Latin America. Once the businesses were up and running we then handed over to the local Godfrey Phillips teams.

Fastrack Relocation and Real Estate

Fastrack is a dynamic corporate relocation and real estate company founded in 2003. We developed the company’s brand communication template and their online social media strategy. We had then been charged with managing the execution of this strategy.

Newport Africa

Newport Africa is a security and risk management company that appointed 2020 Marketing as their marketing agency. Work had included; website development, production of marketing materials and the development of a 2014-15 marketing plan.

By Design

Developed a 5 year plan for the canvas design company, specialising in bespoke, luxury tented camps for clients in Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda. 2020 Marketing redesigned and documented the business processes essential for managing large-scale contracts.

The Flower People

The Flower People is a leading floral designing outfit in Kenya that sells the best quality fresh cut flowers locally, with access to over 200 flower and foliage varieties. We provided full general management services on an interim basis for a start-up business in Kenya. 2020 Marketing sat on the management board of this company.

Nine One One Group

Nine One One Group Limited is an integrated security solutions provider. 2020 Marketing was charged with the production of branded stationary including letterheads, invoices, business cards and complementary slips.