What We Do

Our start point is always to get an in-depth understanding of our client’s business and their consumers and then to quickly and smartly, create a transparent and manageable project plan using a network of trusted partners where required.

Being located in Nairobi, a significant proportion of our business is from within Kenya, however we have a client base that stretches across Africa (South Africa, Cameroon, Nigeria), and Asia (India, Singapore).

The key services we offer include:

Strategic Planning and Business Development - read more »

Are you a start up business or an existing business that has lost its way? Do your investors require a 3-5 year plan?

If the answer to any part of that is yes then we can offer a solution.

We have proven record of delivering performance enhancements in a short time frame that will put your business on track. We work with our clients to help them develop a clear strategic vision for their business. This involves guidance through a process of:

  • Defining a vision for the future, in both qualitative and quantitative terms.
  • Analysing the business as it is today, highlighting the gaps versus the future vision and why they exist.
  • Identifying the key actions that must be taken, and when and what resources are required to achieve the vision.
  • Consolidating this in the form of a detailed road map….the route to outstanding results.

This process is key to ensuring that the whole organisation is clear about the vision for success and that decisions made along the way are aligned to that vision.

We have significant experience of driving business growth across a wide variety of:

  • Categories including: pharmaceuticals, edible cooking oils and fats, soaps, dairy, soft drinks, bottled water, travel & tourism, flowers, security services, tobacco, design technology, micro-financing, insurance and banking.
  • Sales & Distribution models including: direct distribution from the manufacturer, importer models, and multiple distributor models
  • Geographies including: Kenya, Sub Saharan Africa, Western & Eastern Europe and Asia.

Brand Strategy and Marketing Communication - read more »

How strong is your brand? Can it command a premium value versus its competitor? Does it have a loyal customer base?

These are the true measures of a brands equity. Building strong brands requires creation of differentiated consumer propositions, and then executing them consistently and flawlessly.

We start with defining the key elements of the brand, including its unique attributes, positioning, identity, image and personality. We then work with our clients to assemble the marketing and communications mix, aligned to these elements and through consistent application, develop and enhance brand equity.

We develop effective measurement tools to enable you to track performance, consumer disposition and return on investment.

Our services include;

  • Marketing and communications strategy
  • Market research and insights
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Brand identity development and design
  • Development and execution of through the line campaigns, including:
    • Communications development
    • Media planning and execution
    • Consumer recruitment
    • Creative development

Social Media

Does online marketing intimidate you?  Do you know how it all works?  We at 2020 Marketing help brands maximise their reach and engagement in the online space.

We understand that your outcomes will be directly related to the objectives set for your online activities whether that be:

    • Advertising and marketing
    • Customer service
    • Market research
    • Sales

Our services include:

  • Audit of existing online activities
  • Campaign planning
  • Content development and scheduling
  • Management of online advertising (social media and google adwords)
  • Blog development and posting
  • E-shot and mailing list management
  • Data monitoring and reporting of online activities

Graphic Design

Good design must be aligned with your brand positioning. Our aim is to create an aligned and unique identity for your product or brand, and portray this and your key messaging, in the most engaging way through your visual communication materials.

With any project whether it be developing a logo or an advertising route, concept development is key.  This is the process by which we look for inspiration and brainstorm ideas based on the client’s initial brief.  Once we have identified a preferred direction we then develop a selection of unique ideas which bring to life the objectives of a brand or product.

Our services include;

  • Logo development
  • Adaptation for print or social media
  • Development of a brand book
  • Stationary design: letter heads, emails footers, PowerPoint templates, business cards
  • Branded gifts: pens, mugs, umbrellas
  • Promotional materials: flyers, brochures, leaflets, pull up banners
  • Outdoor promotional materials: billboards, street signage
  • Indoor signage and office layouts

Route to Consumer - read more »

Is your product or brand available on the “shelf”? How often do you fail to make a sale because you’re not visible?

A key distribution challenge given the fragmented nature of the retail environment within developing markets is getting your product available in sufficient scale at the point of sale, in a cost effective manner, EVERY DAY!

It requires a very clear route to consumer strategy that takes into consideration the current local market conditions.

We at 2020 Marketing are the only company in East Africa that has extensive experience of redesigning sales and distribution models across multiple categories for companies such as British American Tobacco, Kimberly Clark, Highlands Mineral Water, Pwani Oils, and Unga Limited.

These changes have delivered;

  • revenue growth
  • significant market share gains
  • secondary supply chain savings
  • increased shareholder returns as is evident from the share prices of some of the listed companies above.

We are also fully equipped to implement a new model effectively, delivering;

  • trade margin structures
  • distributor management and performance programs
  • sales force organisation and design
  • coverage planning and implementation
  • sales and operational planning processes (SOP)