What’s your Favourite Promotional Offer – EVER?

We have all seen some really unattractive promotions in our time, but we have probably all seen some pretty good ones too.

So what makes a promotion a good one?

Relevance, branding, price, timing, creative or eye-catching display, ease of access and need will all be factors I am sure. For me, the best I ever saw created a direct connection between the retailer and me and left an imprint on me, possibly forever.

You need to have a picture in your mind of torrential rain in Stanley, Hong Kong during the typhoon season. Go out without an umbrella and you will get drenched. So when you see a piece of “hand-written” cardboard advertising umbrellas at half price if it rains, it comes as a bit of a surprise. How often do retailers or service providers “cash-in” on opportunities to empty a customer’s wallet? Airlines, for example, who charge higher fares when demand is highest? Or taxi drivers who charge higher rates in the rain?

In Stanley, there was no eye-catching display, and no attempt to make the advertising look professional. Just a single, clear message that said “if it rains, we will look after your immediate needs by giving you a chance to stay dry, without fleecing you”.

A short period of time later down came the rain and guess where the umbrella-less punters like me ran too?

The only place that wanted to help.

I forget the owner’s name today, but my vote goes to him, for treating customers in such a fashion….   He was there to help not to cash-in on an event he had no control over.

Kevin Bertie – Director

Umbrella in the Rain