Strategic Planning and Business Development

Are you a start up business or an existing business that has lost its way? Do your investors require a 3-5 year plan?

If the answer to any part of that is yes then we can offer a solution.

We have proven record of delivering performance enhancements in a short time frame that will put your business on track. We work with our clients to help them develop a clear strategic vision for their business. This involves guidance through a process of:

  • Defining a vision for the future, in both qualitative and quantitative terms.
  • Analysing the business as it is today, highlighting the gaps versus the future vision and why they exist.
  • Identifying the key actions that must be taken, and when and what resources are required to achieve the vision.
  • Consolidating this in the form of a detailed road map….the route to outstanding results.

This process is key to ensuring that the whole organisation is clear about the vision for success and that decisions made along the way are aligned to that vision.

We have significant experience of driving business growth across a wide variety of:

  • Categories including: pharmaceuticals, edible cooking oils and fats, soaps, dairy, soft drinks, bottled water, travel & tourism, flowers, security services, tobacco, design technology, micro-financing, insurance and banking.
  • Sales & Distribution models including: direct distribution from the manufacturer, importer models, and multiple distributor models
  • Geographies including: Kenya, Sub Saharan Africa, Western & Eastern Europe and Asia.