Brand Strategy and Marketing Communication

How strong is your brand? Can it command a premium value versus its competitor? Does it have a loyal customer base?

These are the true measures of a brands equity. Building strong brands requires creation of differentiated consumer propositions, and then executing them consistently and flawlessly.

We start with defining the key elements of the brand, including its unique attributes, positioning, identity, image and personality. We then work with our clients to assemble the marketing and communications mix, aligned to these elements and through consistent application, develop and enhance brand equity.

We develop effective measurement tools to enable you to track performance, consumer disposition and return on investment.

Our services include;

  • Marketing and communications strategy
  • Market research and insights
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Brand identity development and design
  • Development and execution of through the line campaigns, including:
    • Communications development
    • Media planning and execution
    • Consumer recruitment
    • Creative development

Social Media

Does online marketing intimidate you?  Do you know how it all works?  We at 2020 Marketing help brands maximise their reach and engagement in the online space.

We understand that your outcomes will be directly related to the objectives set for your online activities whether that be:

    • Advertising and marketing
    • Customer service
    • Market research
    • Sales

Our services include:

  • Audit of existing online activities
  • Campaign planning
  • Content development and scheduling
  • Management of online advertising (social media and google adwords)
  • Blog development and posting
  • E-shot and mailing list management
  • Data monitoring and reporting of online activities

Graphic Design

Good design must be aligned with your brand positioning. Our aim is to create an aligned and unique identity for your product or brand, and portray this and your key messaging, in the most engaging way through your visual communication materials.

With any project whether it be developing a logo or an advertising route, concept development is key.  This is the process by which we look for inspiration and brainstorm ideas based on the client’s initial brief.  Once we have identified a preferred direction we then develop a selection of unique ideas which bring to life the objectives of a brand or product.

Our services include;

  • Logo development
  • Adaptation for print or social media
  • Development of a brand book
  • Stationary design: letter heads, emails footers, PowerPoint templates, business cards
  • Branded gifts: pens, mugs, umbrellas
  • Promotional materials: flyers, brochures, leaflets, pull up banners
  • Outdoor promotional materials: billboards, street signage
  • Indoor signage and office layouts