Route to Consumer

Is your product or brand available on the “shelf”? How often do you fail to make a sale because you’re not visible?

A key distribution challenge given the fragmented nature of the retail environment within developing markets is getting your product available in sufficient scale at the point of sale, in a cost effective manner, EVERY DAY!

It requires a very clear route to consumer strategy that takes into consideration the current local market conditions.

We at 2020 Marketing are the only company in East Africa that has extensive experience of redesigning sales and distribution models across multiple categories for companies such as British American Tobacco, Kimberly Clark, Highlands Mineral Water, Pwani Oils, and Unga Limited.

These changes have delivered;

  • revenue growth
  • significant market share gains
  • secondary supply chain savings
  • increased shareholder returns as is evident from the share prices of some of the listed companies above.

We are also fully equipped to implement a new model effectively, delivering;

  • trade margin structures
  • distributor management and performance programs
  • sales force organisation and design
  • coverage planning and implementation
  • sales and operational planning processes (SOP)