5 Top Tips for Marketers from the Mobile Web East Africa Conference #MWEA2013

1. You can’t ignore mobile:

Currently 75% of Kenya’s population have a mobile phone subscription.  This equates to approximately 50% of the population owning a mobile phone.  This is only going to increase over future years.  Mobile is the main and often only screen for internet consumption usage throughout Africa and may in the future as technology advances be used by people to access the majority of their video, music and radio content.  If you accept this to be true marketing campaigns of the future (and the future is here!) must take account of peoples use of mobile and how this affects both the approach and formatting of traditional marketing campaigns.

2. Assess if you need expert help:

Ultimately social media is all about communication but in a different format.  Unfortunately not everyone communicates well and even fewer communicate well, within the marketing sphere, in this relatively untested medium.  When marketers decide to incorporate social media as part of their marketing strategy they should consider if they have the skills and knowledge to run a high quality campaign or if they should outsource this part of their strategy.

3. Digital marketing is not a quick fix

Big results will not be seen immediately, it may take 3 or 4 campaigns over the course of a year or two to increase a companies reach to their consumers.  It also does take investment – a good quality campaign can not be done on the cheap.

4. Managing Directors don’t care about the tech and terminology

All MDs care about is the consumer experience, what does it cost and how will it impact on the bottom line.

5. It is not just about likes and follows

No one is arguing that this is not a measure, especially when a digital campaign is first launched and your primary aim is to raise awareness.  However if you want to impact further down the consumer disposition funnel digital campaigns need a call to action – this should relate to the companies objectives and then becomes the measurable for the campaign.  A call to action might include click to our website, join a mailing list or join a conversation.

Sam Crosthwaite – 2020 Marketing, Client Service Manager