Now we all know how social media is taking the digital marketing world by storm. Most businesses are using social media to reach out to more people than the traditional marketing means. Social media platforms are becoming more business oriented than they were when they started.

You may be wondering why some businesses are doing way better than other business online. According to an article by Forbes even though you might have a presence on Twitter or Facebook, you still may not be considered “social.” Here are a few things to consider making social media work for your business:-

  1. Know what site best suites you

Not every site is bound to work for every business. The site to use all depends with your product; your target market, business goal and many other variables.

It’s best for B2C business to market on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter since they get more in touch with individuals they are targeting.

B2B businesses are better off targeting on LinkedIn and Google plus. On Google Plus you are better off increasing your search ranking, something that works best for B2Bs. On LinkedIn you are able to reach out to more businesses since it’s a more profession oriented page.

  1. Understand your target market

Once you know what site works best for you it’s best if you know who to target. Know your customers, what they like, the age bracket, where they live and all variables that influence them.

Having this knowledge comes in handy especially when it comes to setting Ads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This will also influence the site you use to reach out.

Knowing your target makes it easier to get to the right crowd with the right information. 

  1. Be different

Just because it worked for everyone else does not mean it will work for you. Realize what works best for you and use it to your advantage.

You can be different by keeping tabs on what’s new in the social media scene and using it for your business. More and more businesses are using Facebook currently, hence making it too overcrowded. Being different you could use Snapchat to advertise to dominate the users not being reached by other businesses.

  1. Be interesting

Ensure you keep your crowd excited. Come up with promotions and communication strategies that will keep your crowd more interested and engaging.

  1. Images and Videos

They say pictures are worth more than a thousand words. Use mere images to get your message out there. People are more interested when the images are of good quality. Always make sure your images are clear enough and the message is clear.

It even gets better when you use videos. Use videos to talk about your products to your customers. People engage more to high quality videos.

  1. Two- way Communication

Always engage your customers, respond to their comments and feedback in good time. Customers feel more appreciated when they are responded to, it encourages them to give feedback more often.

Customer feedback is important for the improvement of your business.

Above all always keep up with the new trends.






Elizabeth Kanini – Marketing Operations Executive